The key reasons you need to consult with a real estate agent before renovation

There are lots of people who buy used property and renovate them according to their taste in order to sell them for way more money. But oftentimes, all that they’ve done turns against them for a few key reasons, real good professional real estate agents are aware of. Let’s enlist some of the key reasons why you should definitely consult a real estate agent before you do any renovations.

Finding the right target audience

Good, effective selling is based on finding the correct target audience for a property. Target audience depends on many things:

  • on the area itself
  • on the characteristics of the home : number of rooms
  • on the size of the home.: the actual size of the living area

Each region can be paired up with a specific target audience who is looking for a home for themselves. The key target audience includes the following (depending on the area)

  • families looking to relocate because of the schooling
  • families relocating due to wanting a larger property
  • families and couples who want to move outside of the city
  • couples looking for a first property
  • Couples who want to move inside the city due to work
  • Couples who want to downsize
  • Relocating couples moving in from other countries

A good real estate agent instantly knows which area is best for which target audience. And one look is enough for them to define which target audience your property can be best offered to. This way, he or she will offer you renovations, targeting that particular target audience.

Sacrificing practicality to trends

I’ve seen apartments which were newly renovated but in such way, that it made it impossible to offer them to anyone else than someone living alone. Too much space opened together will make the place a no-no for every couple or family who also needs a healthy separation. Never sacrifice practicality to trends. As the number of loners wanting to buy a property is extremely low, these badly renovated properties will likely not sell out anytime soon. A professional real estate agent will instantly tell you how to turn your place more practical to make it more appealing for the target audience.

A renovation turning too personal

There are two key types of renovations: renovation for yourself and renovation to sell your home at a higher value. The two mostly cannot be combined together. Those who renovate a place according to their taste then wanting to sell them will have a very hard time. Overly personalized homes will always sell hard. Who wants to buy a renovated place, which they will need to renovate again?

What is worth and what is not?

Most people will not pay extra for special ceiling lights and other systems they would not need. So, if you renovate to sell, you won’t have any need to install such expensive systems, you won’t be able to ask that much money for such properties. A good real estate agent can tell you from the go, what’s worth and what’s not, in terms of renovation works.