5 key mistakes that prevent you from selling your home fast

There are many things you can do to help your property get sold. But sometimes goodwill is not quite enough. Here are some of the key mistakes you can do, which can actually prevent you from selling your property fast or for a good price.

Just picking a price without doing any research

Most of us don’t know all that much about the current property values at any area. This is why so many people tend to either go overpricing while others may undervalue their property. Both of these may have the same negative effects. While people definitely won’t buy overpriced properties, they will also instantly become suspicious if the price of a property is too low. In addition, if it gets bought you end up losing a lot of money. This is also why you either need to spend time with research or just go to a local real estate agency and ask them to help in listing and selling your property.

Enlisting a home without making any steps to make it look more attractive

Many people would just enlist their homes without having them cleaned and decluttered first. These homes would eventually sell way under their normal price.

Listing with extra bad photos

Here are a couple of types of photographs you should avoid including altogether in any listing:

  • Dark and gloomy photos
  • Bad quality, blurry photos
  • Photos done of little, unnecessary items, such as plants
  • Photos of toilet bowls
  • Photos featuring piles of clothes, clothes drying on racks or other cluttered rooms
  • Photos of rooms full of the owner’s possessions

In this day and age, when all of us have great smartphones for doing fine quality photos, it’s not acceptable to post any blurry and bad quality photos of a property. PS: if you see the real estate agent you picked is posting any photos of such nature, go and look for another, better experienced one.

Wanting to show clients around alone or in the company of the real estate agent

It’s not a good idea for the owner to show potential buyers around for many reasons. Owners are emotionally invested and may react to questions and other criticism pretty badly. Another major issue is, to follow the guests around like a dog not letting them try to feel the home as theirs. This is a mistake many people commit and it’s a definite no-no. It should be left for the real estate agent to show clients around.

Listing a flat still not in the process of moving out

Most potential buyers do not like to aspect of having to walk down in someone else’s home, who is not even in the process of moving out. This rather feels like being a guest and makes the process of trying to furnish and imagine the home as theirs pretty much impossible. Declutter and pack out most of your stuff by the time you are putting your home on sale. This will also enable you to move out fast.