How Much Do Plumbers Charge?

If you need some type of plumbing work done in your London home, you’ll need to call a professional plumber. Whether you want to fix a dripping tap that’s been keeping you up at night or you need a new boiler or radiator, a plumber can certainly help. Surely you’d like to have some idea how much the work will cost before you pick up the phone to call a plumber.

How much a plumber in the UK charges is dependent on several factors including:

Plumbing costs vary depending on your location. For example, plumbers working in London charge more than plumbers working in more rural areas. The cost you’ll have to pay also depends on what types of materials are needed for the job and how long it takes your plumber to fix the problem. When it comes to timing, you’ll have to pay more for emergency plumbing services that occur on holidays, weekends, or during the nighttime hours.

Hourly Rates

On average, a plumber that charges by the hour typically takes between £20 and £40 per hour. But not all plumbers charge an hourly rate. Many plumbers charge flat rates for the different types of services they offer. Here’s the average pricing data for the most common plumbing jobs:

Install, Repair, or Replace a Tap

If you need to replace an old tap or move an existing tap to another location, the price you’ll have to pay depends on how easily your plumber can access your water supply. On average, tap work costs around £130 per tap.

Leaky Radiator Repair

It’s important to fix a leaking radiator as soon as possible to avoid water damage. A leaky radiator can also push your energy costs up. You can expect to pay a plumber around £145 to fix a radiator leak. If you’re lucky, the leak is minor and only takes a few minutes to fix, wherein you’ll pay even less.

Toilet Replacement

Replacing a malfunctioning or outdated toilet with a new one is a relatively large job. The average cost for a toilet replacement in the UK is around £275 which includes both the new toilet and labour.

Replace a Radiator

Replacing a faulty or outdated radiator includes some minor pipework, assuming that the radiator isn’t being moved to a new location. A plumber typically will charge about £160 in labour fees to replace a radiator, plus charge you for the actual cost of the new unit. Be sure to explore all your options when it comes to choosing a new radiator as some cost far more than others.

Sink Replacement

A kitchen, bath, or laundry room sink is a hefty item which should always be removed and replaced by a competent plumber. Replacing a sink costs about £400. However, that’s a rough estimate because the actual cost depends on the size and type of the new sink.