Can a Plumber Install a Boiler?

Many people believe they have to call a gas engineer instead of a plumber to have a boiler installed. The truth is, that under UK law, a plumber who is Gas Safe registered can indeed install boilers. Technically speaking, any tradesman who is Gas Safe registered is called a heating engineer.

If you need a new boiler installed in your London home, chances are there is a plumbing and heating company near you that can help. You can track down a company to use by asking acquaintances, co-workers, or family members for recommendations. You can also conduct a search online using a term like ‘London plumbing and heating installation services’.

When you find a company you’re interested in using, take a bit of time to check whether the tradesmen working at the company are registered heating engineers who are legally permitted to do the install.

All reputable plumbing and heating companies offer no-obligation quotes so be sure to ask for one. Boiler installation costs can vary greatly, depending on location. For example, if you’re located in London, you’ll pay more for a boiler installation than what people living in other areas pay.

What to Expect

When your tradesman arrives to install the new boiler, he/she will be keen to minimise the disruption to you and your home. Therefore they’ll put down a protective covering to keep the mess minimised. In addition to the install, your engineer may carry out a pressurised cleaning called a power flush to make sure the entire central heating system is thoroughly cleaned.

Once the new boiler is installed, a series of checks and procedures will be done to ensure the boiler works as it should. The results of these checks should be recorded in the boiler’s manual, which is a requirement in order to activate the warranty.

You can then expect the engineer to clean up and explain how your new boiler works. He/she will also offer some maintenance tips and show you how the controls work. Be sure to ask any questions you have during this time so you’re confident you know how to control and maintain your new boiler.

How Long it Takes

It should take a couple of hours to install your new boiler. However, there are a few variables that can prolong the installation process. For example, if the gas supply line is not 22mm thick which is the current regulation, the installer will legally be required to fit an entirely new 22mm gas supply line. If this happens, you can expect your boiler installation to take a couple of days instead of a couple of hours.

If you’re having a combi boiler installed, it will provide heat for both your central heating system and your hot water. A combi boiler is more complex than a standard boiler, which means it takes a bit longer to install. Generally speaking, if the installation goes smoothly with no major problems, you can expect to have your boiler up and running in a single day.